Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 dresses in 30 Days event

This is an event happening on Facebook: to wear a dress per day. It has an attendance of 52, surprizingly, all female! Not everyone is taking pics of themselves but there is a solid group of at least 10 ladies....
Now I will post, in addition to FB, my daily DRESS ensemble on this blog now. My posts have gotten continually more creative. The top one is the most recent. I would post all the details below each pic but it's too hard to manage on this dang post editor in blogger. It was hard enough getting all the pics in the chronological order. I usually give the fashion credit to each garment that I am wearing.

GK 30th Day/30 dresses ~ I am going to miss doing these posts - I may have to keep doing them from time to time. I posted all of mine on my blog: and will print these out as a handmade booklet.
I started this morning in the garden planting seeds wearing black and ended the day in white fresh as a Lily of the Valley, which are budding in my garden. The most special thing that I will list about this outfit are the orange/white polka dot sunglasses that have dangly chains that wrap around my ear with a large disk earring that hangs down- vintage 60's.

GK day29/30 dresses
Titled: "Housewife"
 -NOT! and nevair!
 ~ this would never be my legacy...
a painting done when I was 15yrs old.
 It is interesting to see what was in my brain then...
I remember painting this as if it were a charm to ward off this unwanted role. 
Well, it worked. Today I am wearing a fun skirt with a fun story.
 It got set afire at an outdoor dinner party a few yrs ago when I was bending over a candle...
we all laughed so hard. Anyway I saved it cause I like the peacock pattern and colors so much
- a cheapie from Foreva 21. The green cord jacket is Anthro, blue Henley/Old Navy, generic jeans/Old Navy,
 faux Pucci silk bandana, green anklets with black dots~ AND 
killer: susanBENNISwarrenEDWARDS shoes in turq suede + animal print fur, early 80's.

GK day28/30 dresses 
-arranged into a quarter section of mandala motif,
 I am wearing summer cotton skirt with sequins,
 black knit pants, black Ugg-type winter boots, 
black ribbed top + velvet ribbon trimmed cardi.

GK day 27/30 dresses-
is it rainy or sunshining? I'm putting on my special stuff these last few days...hard to see here tho... Vintage feather print on faille fabric raincoat from Dawn's shop-CasaMea back in the day, vintage navy net dress with copper taffeta trim and little covered buttons from Resurrection,NYC, navy slip/5+Diamond, jeans,
lace up shoes/Tootsie Plohound, umbrella/sample from Kassy.

  GK day 26/30 dresses
SPring! down on the river. ME wearing the kind of thing that I love~ vintage housewife dress in sheer cheesy rayon seersucker given to me by a friend, worn over a navy vintage slip from 5 + Diamond- it has ruffles and a maroon bow and a silly patch under the arm in white polkadot print applied by Lisa, which gives it s...o much special charm. I had to wear jeans today because I was cold and also anklets with my Mary Janes from about 15 years ago from ? 
Also, red/wht stripe cardi over linen Henley, both from Gap about 15 years ago. 
This last week I am trying to wear some dresses/skirts that need to be in photos before the event ends. 4 days to go....

GK day 25/ 30 dresses
Then + skirt made from jeans, leggings, platform buffalo sandals and my famous denim jacket.....I was 16 when I won an honorable mention in the Levi's Art Denim Contest in '72. Here is the photo from the book that was published which featured all 50 finalists. My friend Julie took the pic outside where we lived at the time, in Ossining. I still have the jacket and it has aged with me. I have added to it from time to time. The front has more detail and the inside is a patchwork of fabrics that date back to childhood from garments that I sewed at age 8 up to when I was in high school.

GK day24/30 dresses:
 Claude is back in town
 and treated me to dinner tonight-
Kennedy fried chicken! 
Look who else was at the table...
I'm wearing no-name rayon printed + 
beaded side slit skirt with
 an aqua tee shirt and
 black leggings, black ballet flats, jean jacket.

GK23/30 dresses
at the "Knock it Off" exhibition at
the Albany Center Gallery
standing next to "Not Lady GaGa"
wearing all black because that is 
what I choose when in doubt,
in a hurry or travelling. 
No fuss no muss...

 GK day 22/ 30 dresses 
I'm doing the Earth Goddess dance in my
special Lime top that has a reflective rose
that glows when light hits it like on a traffic sign-
from Anthropoloie, fuscia beaded cardi/Old Navy,
green cotton tiered skirt, 
fave multi-colored sequin flats
and favorite cat, Botero.
Watercolor painting owned by Seth.

 GK day 21/30 dresses
Pink + black cows flying at dusk in Hudson Valley
Pink tie dye net top + silk slip skirt/Anthropologie,
black knit slip dress over skirt, 
black leggings, black ballet slips
Painting owned by Seth.

GK day 20/30 dresses 
~me posing with my ONE MINUTE POSE sketch XXXV.6
black/white embroidered india tunic over 
black/white printed India dress 
with mirror sequins, given to me by Dawn Breeze

Day 19/30 dresses