Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IntegrARTe with Bruno Pasquier-Desvignes at Hudson Opera House

Another year gone by since I posted last August about Bruno Pasquier-Desvignes wonderful workshop held at the Hudson Opera House. The class is held through August 3 days a week and it's free for all- kids of all ages- the young kind and the older kind. I attended only three classes through the month and made some things along with everyone else. Gwenn, Bruno's wife (not pictured below)is in attendance assisting and painting beautiful color patterns on the managerie that will fill the gallery. The class is about making art by recycling plastic, cardboard boxes, bags, wires, tubes, hot glue, paint, and anything you can find in the trash. Posted here are the final results of creations this year.

Guess which works are mine...?
On Sept. 15th there will be another opportunity to make art with Bruno held on the Hudson River on the Bruno's Art Barge. Bruno will be making stops going down the Hudson River through the course of two weeks. You can get on the barge down by the river on that date and participate in creating more fantastical magical creations that will continue on the journey with Bruno.

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