Saturday, October 9, 2010

Art on Warren Street, Hudson, NY - by Gretchen Kelly

3Fortyseven on Warren St. in Hudson is where I have installed a selection of One Minute Poses in the back of this new stylish shop. I will be there for a few hours each day so stop by and view the ART! I will also be selling prints, note cards and other very affordable originals. Even though the main event of Artswalk -the group show which is  always in HUDSON, is not here this year (it's in Chatham!?) you can still see a very high level of Art in windows and in the shops on Warren Street.

"Silver-lined Tornado" - my corrugated creation for Kosa on Warren Street this year....see other beautiful creations by other Artists in the other window. So love that Cora featured mine in a window by itself!

Find the hidden Art in these windows at Swallow coffee shop on Warren St....I have pastel landscapes and I am pleased to be sharing the window with the prolific Earl of Hudson!!!

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