Thursday, August 21, 2008

A.L Stickley - Variety Store, Rhinebeck, NY

Where and when is the last time you saw a Variety Store or a General Store or Five + Dime store?
Well, there is one in Rhinebeck, NY and it's been in biz for 62 years. My Mom and I went there yesterday to get some stuff.
Stuff like:
A drip coffee pot for Mom and a pink elephant watering can for me!
What fun, as you can I was having -----and I spent under $5.
Here's a peek inside:

Isles + isles that harken back to my childhood wandering through my local Woolworth's and Newberry's in downtown Ossining, NY.

MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all that girlie-stuff that you never know where to find anymore....

Garters! and corset hook + eyes. Ribbons for your hair by the yard
Bobby pins + Hair nets! this is where they have been hiding all these years.

shoe laces, string

Tickets, pranks + gags, party favors
Mom + I had a blast shopping for all our needs in there. I guess today, we have Dollar Stores- what an eyesore those places are. I never go in them. Then there's the mega-big-box store names, which actually started from small mom + pop businesses named Walton's and Kresge's.

Say, "good bye" Mom.....
.....we're off for an ice-cream cone next door.

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  1. Gretchen - What a fun outing...lot's 'o small the mexican jumping never comes across them with any regularity! I just bought some 'gag' stuff like they have there....and bought it because I never see that anywhere.

    Time stopped in Rhinebeck...that's something to stop the car and get out for.

    If only that coffee maker made that old fashioned percolator sound!

    :-) Nina


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