Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goddess Salon opening at my place- Welcome

(I have had a hard time posting lately for a few reasons. One is that the new updated post editor makes is 3 times as difficult to arrange the images on the page. I thought it was make posting easier.) Anyway, I have been burning the candle at both ends in preparation of my Salon and finally - here it is on view.... Please enter- walk down the side path to the back and into my private Goddess Salon. I've been incorporating this theme since last Spring. I 've expanded on it in numerous ways-  Gilded Goddesses, Water Goddesses, Nereid Goddesses, Water Nymphs, assemblages, constructions, Art cards and more. I will continue with the theme too. So take a look at what's inside. I will be posting my paintings for the next week on my regular Daily Painting blog where you can see them up close. 
The traffic is never heavy when I hold my Salons but that's ok because I am growing this yearly presentation slowly but surely each year. I keep trying to promote and get the word out about my event. Eventually it will become a destination for people to visit when they come to Hudson. I am also letting out the word that studio visits are possible with prior arrangements.

Have a Mexican Chocolate Chile cookie baked by my Mom....hope you enjoyed your visit.

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  1. Love the show...with your fantastically beautiful Goddess show...That daybed with comforter is ever so cozy....I woulda eaten a few cookies and had a hang in the Hudson showplace! :-) Nina


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